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Learn More About SharpNet and Becoming a White Label Partner

SharpNet provides industry-leading digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content and Website Design. We fulfill digital marketing white label and reseller services for hundreds of companies across the USA. Our company launches over 500 new SEO campaigns each year. Our resellers generate millions of dollars in revenue yearly by engaging in SharpNet’s marketing partner programs. 

SharpNet was founded by Chris W. Sharp in September, 1998. Prior to establishing SharpNet, Chris was an engineer, working for corporations like Hewlett Packard and Micron Semiconductor, where an engineering patent was granted. With an entrepreneurial itch, Chris left the corporate world and founded SharpNet as an SEO and PPC management company. Additional supporting services like website design followed shortly thereafter.

SharpNet has received awards and recognition for our innovative products, business growth and customer service. Our employees offer a deep skill set for all things digital, but we keep our pricing below national averages. We can competently do so by understanding how SEO “really” works, so we don’t waste time chasing industry fads or SEO myths. Each task we complete has a deliberate purpose and yields a positive result. 

The SharpNet team is as friendly as they are talented. You’ll be working with a personable group of digital marketing experts who genuinely enjoy the work we do and how it helps our clients. We are accountable, transparent and share what we know. While we are not perfect, if we make a mistake we’ll own it and make it right. We believe in collaboration with our clients, responding promptly and providing genuine, intelligent answers. We are unlike any other digital marketing company that you have worked with in the past, and our clients find that very refreshing.



Meet the SharpNet Management Team

Tara Deeney

Director of Operations & Account Manager
Tara is SharpNet’s spirited leader. Second in command at SharpNet, she runs all production and directly manages our talented team and key accounts with the admiration of of all.

Margie Southworth

Director of Web Design & Account Manager
Margie leads our web design team with precision and organization, often equated to herding cats. She was once seen building two websites at once while holding a client meeting and making a pot of coffee. We don’t know how she does it, but we love her.

Niko Kaperonis

Director of Paid Advertising
Niko (Nick) oversees all paid advertising activities with SharpNet. Ranging from paid search (SEM), display ads, remarketing and Facebook Ads, Niko can boost sales while giving your traffic counter a workout.

Leighanne Rayome

SEO Technician & Account Manager
Leighanne is a marvelous content writer and photographer. Her words on your website will captivate your audience. She is also a talented account manager and SEO technician.

Nate Keen

SEO Technician & Account Manager
Nate joined the team to help expand SharpNet’s SEO capabilities. Being very talented, Nate also assists with content writing, web design and account management.

Nimfa Svederus

Link Building & Citation Manager
Nimfa is responsible for the creation of a staggering 130,000 business citations each year. She works so fast sometimes her keyboard starts smoking. We keep a fire extinguisher next to her desk.

Jordin Frey

SEO and Content Creation Expert
Jordin is one of SharpNet’s newest additions, complimenting both the SEO and Content Marketing teams. She hit the ground running and began to contribute on her very first day. We’re grooming her now to help with account management.

Arron Sharp

SEO Technician & Content Writer
Arron is a dedicated SEO technician, helping clients gain stronger rankings across search engines. He and Joel are twins and often compete to see who’s work performs best. Right now, it is too close to call.

Colton Classon

Account Manager, SEO Tech & Graphic Designer
Colton is a jack of all trades with many amazing competencies. With more “skill points” than the average person, we suspect that he is genetically modified. Colton excels at graphic design, SEO, account management and beard-growing.

Amie Sharp

CFO & HR Manager
Amie picks up Chris when he falls. She is also our CFO and keeps funding flowing where and when needed. In this pic, she tried a client’s hair product and loved it!

Harmony Huskinson

Directer of SEO & Account Manager
Harmony is the director of our SEO operations and master of words, as well as an acclaimed account manager. She is truly gifted and one of the quickest learners we’ve ever seen.

Bradley Harris

Directer of Business Development
Bradley began at SharpNet as an SEO technician and quickly rose the ranks to an account manager and then our Director of Business Development. If you are new to SharpNet, or considering working with us, then you’ve probably met Bradley already.

Emily Bihm

Director of Content Marketing & Account Manager
Emily leads our content marketing team, including thousands of documents each year, backed by her English Degree. If she wrote this description, rather than Chris, your jaw would be dropping right now.

Don Svederus

IT & Design Technical Lead
Don is SharpNet technical lead and fixes things that no one else can. He is also a website security specialist. Don once fixed the internet, which is why it is working right now.

Rachel Foster

Graphic Design Lead and Website Designer
Rachel has a creative eye and an uncanny ability to make everything look amazing. She is responsible for graphic design, print media and custom web design layouts.

Joel Sharp

Accounts Receivable & SEO Technician
Joel’s primary responsibility is assisting with accounts receivable and bookkeeping tasks for over 700 websites. Like everyone at SharpNet, we all multitask and Joel is also a valuable part of our SEO team.

Kandra Sinz

Idaho Office Manager and Website Designer
Kandra is our capable lead and office manager in SharpNet’s Idaho office. She leads, trains and manages a highly-productive team that compliments SharpNet’s Colorado HQ. Kandra is also an accomplished website designer and photographer.

Jason Van Vleet

Director of Video Production
Jason had an accomplished career in Hollywood and you have likely seen his work before. As a Fort Collins native, Jason returned back home to be closer to family and restart his passion for production.

Sebastian Atienza

 Facebook Ads and Account Manager
Don’t let his young face fool you, Sebastian is both a wise and experienced digital marketer. Leading the SharpNet marketing team with paid Facebook ads, Sebastian is also a well-respected and capable account manager.

Chris Sharp

SharpNet’s founder, Chris, usually has the answer in those rare times his crew is stumped. He is responsible for taking SharpNet onward and upward.

FUN SharpNet Facts

Founded in 1998, SharpNet is older than Google.

When SharpNet launched, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, was 13 years old.

SharpNet offered PPC management services before the creation of Google AdWords. 

SharpNet launched an AdWords campaign on the day of AdWord’s launch. You will never meet another company with more AdWords experience than SharpNet, as we were there on day 1.

SharpNet is a Google AdWords certified partner and was identified as a top-10% producer.

When SharpNet was founded “SEO” was not yet an acronym. 

SharpNet generates over 175,000 search queries per month to generate monthly search ranking reports.

Over 200 agencies across the USA rely on SharpNet to fulfill digital marketing services they sell to their clients.



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